The Gamely Gamer Says Hello

First thing’s first; I should probably introduce myself. My name is Andrew, and for this blog I’ve adopted the moniker of The Gamely Gamer. Let’s hope I don’t get tired of it in a week’s time (/sarcasm!). Anyway, I believe it describes me well as I’m a competitive, generally happy person, and this blog is mainly going to be about gaming and how it relates to my life.

I’ve been gaming for as long as I’ve been able to hold a controller, and my first console experience was with the NES smack in the middle of the ’80s. As a Ninja Turtles pyjama sporting, proton pack wielding badass looking for adventure, the NES was a godsend. Probably the best gift I’ve ever received from my aunt and uncle, I spent hours upon hours blasting ducks at point-blank range and hopping through abstract worlds looking for my princess. So, from an early age I was hooked, and despite various pressures to spend time on “cooler” things, I continued to game through school and college.

Now I’m an adult, and as someone who’s always enjoyed reading about games nearly as much as playing them, I’ve been thinking recently that maybe it’s time I do some writing of my own. So, for this blog, sometimes I may talk about what I’m playing, and other times I may offer my take on industry news. Having just moved to the United Kingdom may also be a talking point as I make various observations about differences in games and culture. I’m one for nostalgia, too, and I may end up doing a fair amount of retrospectives. But wherever this blog goes, it will always be about one thing: the games.


Oh, and I’m also looking to make some friends, so add or message me if I seem vaguely interesting or if we have common tastes. My favourite genres are action, adventure, platformer and RPG.  


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