7 Responses to Migration Frustration: Xbox LIVE (UPDATED)

  1. rainmaker97 says:

    I’ve had my fair share of negative experiences with Xbox Live’s regional what-have-you myself. Here in Canada, we’re charged a bit more than the US for the same amount of Microsoft Points, even though our currency is pretty much at par. I went to EB Games today expecting to pay the typical $20 for 1600 MSP, but was surprised to find out that $20 only nets you 1400 MSP up here. Still, it’s better than a few years ago, when 1600 MSP was like $25. Freakin’ EB even wanted to tax me on those points; I hightailed it out of there and bought some sweet tax-free points from Future Shop instead.

    • Gamely Gamer says:

      Good move. Even though I would like the convenience of using my credit card directly, buying points for use in the American store is actually a better deal. With the increased globalisation that’s going on, issues like these really should become a thing of the past.

  2. dprincz@live.ca says:

    I’ve just moved from Canada to the US and only recently, they’ve started experimenting with migration (maybe from the onset of the unification of Microsoft Account in Windows 8 with Xbox integration). It took a bit to find the right people to speak with through support, but I’m in the process of migrating now, so I can keep from the account what I can–be aware, if something is NOT shared between regions, it’s GONE. But you can keep your points, your gamertag, and maybe some of your Zune pass. The process can take upward of 6 weeks, and you lose your subscriptions in the meanwhile (Gold, Zune Pass for me). In an email explaining this, they’ve said they’ll provide free MS points for lost time. This all said, I’m still undergoing the process (about 1.5 wks, now), so I can’t say what’ll come of it, or how smoothly it’ll go. In the last couple of years, Canada has gotten a few things from the US (e.g., what’ll become Xbox Music), so I’m hoping for the best! Of note: because my subscriptions have been temporarily cancelled–but cancelled, nonetheless–I can’t sync my Windows Phone in the meanwhile, or I’ll lose the DRM to stream my mass of music. Even with time lost, this was a viable solution, as I’ve made a semi-permanent move and couldn’t update my billing address or register my American credit cards.

    • Gamely Gamer says:

      This is really good news. I just had a look and found some official posts on the Xbox forums that echo everything you’ve said here. I’m debating whether or not I should go ahead with the migration right now or wait till after the holidays. The only thing stopping me is the fact that Halo 4 comes out in less than a month now, and multiplayer is obviously a really big part of that.

      • dprincz@live.com says:

        They completed the migration in about 2 wks. Regarding Xbox Live, everything seems to have transferred over–Some notes:
        (1) I would delete region-specific apps from the Xbox before you migrate the account. Mine are still contributing to storage, but are hidden because they’re no longer included in my region, so I can’t delete them.
        (2) I think you forfeit what was left in your Subscriptions–they were not reinstated after the migration completed, but they did give me a free month of Xbox Live Gold (I barely had a month left in my subscription).
        (3) One massive hiccup was with my Zune pass. Probably because of bad timing, as they’re transitioning to Xbox music. After re-subscribing to the Zune pass, the region in Music marketplace isn’t seeing my new region, so I can’t download anything new (it always says, Try a Zune pass!). What’s weird, is the service recognizes my pass, as I’m able to stream what I downloaded before the migration (what was already in my collection). This is on-going… So If you’re subscribed with Xbox music, it might be worth waiting a bit for them to figure this part of the migration out.

    • Gamely Gamer says:

      This is a really big help. Thanks so much for posting here. Given this info, I think I’ll move ahead with the migration sooner rather than later. I’ll do as you say and delete all of my apps, too. Thinking about your old apps, do you think you would be able to access/delete them if you made a free Canadian tag?

      And I am wondering if my save games will be re-linked to my gamertag once I get it back, or if it somehow becomes a “different” tag via this whole process. Have you tried booting up anything from before the migration? For example, I’d hate to loose my massive Skyrim save.

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